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I love love love my mixer and it is something I cannot live without!  I saved for a year to get it and the attachments!  I used it for making bread, the blender, meat press for meat grinding, the berry press for canning sauce and jam and the attachments for shredding cheese, veggies and more!

Electrolux Mixer electrolux



I used organic cotton diapers for a while but my kids skin was so sensitive that I switched over to bamboo.

Bamboo has a better environmental impact ~ shorter growing cycles, and less of a ‘footprint’ where grown. There is less processing needed to turn it into fibers that are used to be made into material (leads to less industrial waste).

Bamboo is a lot stronger than cotton and also a lot more absorbent.  Bamboo is also thinner.

Bamboo does have a processing weakness in that you cannot create a 100% bamboo material.  The bamboo must be blended with either cotton or poly for it to be made into fabric.

You can stuff these pockets or just lay an insert on the outside!  They are very affordable!

Bububibi Diapers  or KerrBear diapers  ker bear


This cookbook is a bit advanced but very informational nonetheless!  I use it for specialty recipes!

Nourishing Traditions





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