Dreams. Faith. Perseverance

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So many times I hear, “He can do that because he is single.  Do it before you have kids.  Well it’s to expensive.  I wish I would have done that earlier.”

God knew that the greatest union is a husband and a wife and the most wonderful blessing of children.  So our dreams dissolve when we get married?  Husbands are miserable because they are unable to do things or be something or fulfill a childhood dream because they got married???  Should have, would have, it’s too late????

I could not disagree more.  Your life has just begun!  Family of course has its challenges but it does not end your life or your dreams.  Again people say, well I better have all my fun before I have kids.

Listen, family is it!  That’s where the dreams begin, or marriage the same. 

I have said it myself before and my mindset has shifted.  This is the best time to carry out those dreams.  Big or small!  Let the family join in and let the dreams begin to unfold!

Life as we all know is so short.  You want to travel, travel with the kids!  You want to start a business, do it!  You want to home school your kids, try!  You want to build a cabin in the woods, go for it!  These are some of our family’s dreams.

The Lord will supply all of your needs according to his riches and glory.  He is so big.

With faith of a small mustard seed, you can move a mountain!idaho

Husbands seem to be so unhappy with losing the ability to be a man or become what the want to after marriage or kids!  Encourage them to live it out and help them do it!  Whatever it may be!

Everyone is so quick to give up.  One step at a time!

Today ask what your husbands dream is and walk this wonderful path with him!


Comment with your dreams or your families?  I would love to hear them!

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