10 reasons to use a probiotic

by Joanie Wegman | September 30, 2015 1:06 pm


(1) They can be helpful to prevent chronic flues and colds and allergies.

(2) The immunity of a mother’s milk is enhanced if the mother takes probiotics during or before pregnancy. If breast feeding is not possible then adding the probiotic to the formula is best. I made my own for extra bottles from the nourishing traditions cookbook.

(3) Probiotics can reverse ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other gut inflammations that occur from a lack of sufficient probiotics.

(4) Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (GS) symptoms are handled by adding probiotics. Because the probiotic that I’m recommending has enzymes that helps to break down hard to digest food as well!

(5) Processed foods and low fiber diets allow bacteria to overwhelm the good bacteria and colon function. It’s important to add probiotic if your backed up or its to runny!

(6) Get balance of┬áprobiotic┬áto bad bacteria, yeast infections such as Candida and fungus!  Add in Bio Cleanse to for this!

(7) A healthy gut flora balance helps prevent cancer by nourishing enzymes that inhibit tumor production throughout the body.

(8) Sufficient probiotic intestinal flora prevents radiation damage from cell phones! We all need this! !

(9) GMOs are used in many processed foods and antibiotics are in lots of our non-organic meat and dairy products. They both destroy probiotic bacteria, making it necessary to add probiotic if you’ve had any of those foods.

(10) A probiotic can help assist in reducing autism affects along with a restorative diet! THAT’S AMAZING!
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Disclaimer- None of these statements are meant to cure and are not regulated by the FDA.

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