Edens story

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Our daughter Eden is now 6. From the time she was born she had sores and diaper rash that would open and bleed, colic, body rashes and dark circles under her eyes.
She was a delight, I nursed her for a year and fed her organic foods. One day when she was 2 her eardrum ruptured. We saw puss oozing out and rushed her to the ER. She was tough! 

One week later the doctor called and said- “Do not give her those, it was an accidental adult dosage of antibiotics.”  It was to late. The pink medicine had injured her. From this day forward,  she was not the same.  The light in her eyes grew dim and her body grew weak. 

 We would now spend almost every day and especially at night rocking her for hours singing to her -“Jesus loves Eden song” to calm down the kicking and screams of pain. Most nights Adam held her as I could barely watch her in such pain.

 For the next 6 months this was our life- countless doctors, holistic testing, specialists,  chiropractors and no one could help her.  Another ruptured ear drum in the same ear.  Uninsured as we were both self employed we spent $1000s of $1000s to try to help her with all the different visits to specialists and appointments.  The ear specialist said there was no hearing loss.  That was a praise. We moved on to allergies and eliminated grains, dairy and eggs. No changes. That was not the core issue as we found out later. 

I began my wellness training with a holistic company thru the salon and they happened to ask during my training if they could send me a book on children’s Candida overgrowth.  I read it cover to cover and cried.  God had sent an answer. We began an extreme Candida program where we eliminated grains, dairy, fruits, fermented foods, sugars. Everything that fed Candida overgrowth.  We ate greens and plain everything for 60 straight days with our 3 year old.  What a strong little girl. The pain stopped.  We found out when she could explain, that it was extreme migraines.

 Her behavior started to improve, her dark circles went away.  As the year went on we slowly introduced some sour dough grains,  certain dairy and fruit. But we carried her food EVERYWHERE. I spent every moment prepping her specific food in the kitchen preparing pure foods.  

Candida affected her ability to eat any sweetener of any kind besides maple syrup. 

You think you don’t eat very much sugar, you may be wrong. Until your family eats none then when you see how much goes into foods and all that it is added to.  Over a year ago we started her on a new Probiotic and new supplements. 

 She had her first piece of bread with raw honey on it 3 months after them.  First sweetener in 3 years.  That’s huge!!!!!

Following that after 3 months of being on the supplements she was better! !! She was able to have her first piece of birthday cake and an ice-cream cone this summer.

I praise the Lord for choosing us as parents. I now get to use my wellness coaching to help others.  Nothing is wasted with God! 

 We now have hope and confidence for an amazing future and have been so blessed financially as well because of her story and sharing! ! The women in my life now are true and real and uplifting! 

Be joyful in Hope, Patient in affliction, Faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

Chicken Cranberry Stew

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2 cups of chopped chicken2 quarts chicken broth
1 cup cranberries
1 quart of brand of choice
Salt and pepper, to taste
medium onion, thinly sliced
3 to 4 garlic cloves, minced
tablespoon minced fresh ginger
Two 3-inch cinnamon sticks
bay leaf
teaspoons paprika
1/4 teaspoon crushed red chile flakes, or to taste
small lemon juice, plus zest

Mix and stew for a few hours! 
Bread or  for serving (optional)

Building immunity

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Believe it or not, candida (a type of fungus) can give us the same symptoms as a bacterial or viral infection, and many times people have multiple infections at once causing flu like symptoms. The only way to properly prepare your immune system to be as strong as possible is to have a diet and supplement regimen to address not just viruses, but all the other infectious organisms as well.


The good news is that there are many different herbs and foods that none of these invaders and pathogens like.